A key aspect of graduate student training in the Department of Human Genetics is regular participation in the weekly Departmental Journal Club and Research-In-Progress (RIP) meetings. Journal Club meetings are held every Tuesday at noon during the academic year, in the 6th floor conference room.  RIP meetings are held each Friday at 4 PM in the same location. Both of these meetings are fairly informal and are characterized by an active exchange of comments and questions between the audience and the speaker. In addition, faculty stay behind at the end of these presentations to discuss the science and provide the speaker with critical feedback on their presentation. Overall, these meetings provide ideal training opportunities for the students, allow us to educate each other on recent breakthroughs in genetics, and keep us current with regard to research being conducted in our Department. They also provide unparalleled training in presenting scientific talks – a key determinant of future success as a scientist.  Below are a few guidelines that students might find useful in preparing their scientific talks.

Tips on Preparing a Journal Club Talk